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MolDrug AI Systems works in the field of computational chemistry, molecular modeling, and in general in technologies for computational optimization of chemical compound properties


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2020-2021 | Moldrug

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Computational and experimental research for the identification of new antineoplastic inhibitors of kinase dimerization.

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Modeling the pharmacokinetics profiles of therapeutic peptides by chemoinformatics methods. PEPTIMOL.

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2020-2022 | Moldrug

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Research of computational models for the determination of pharmacokinetical parameters and implementation in a technological platform. PTQ2018- 010262.

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2020-2022 | Moldrug

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The MetaQSAR project consists in the development of a computational platform that enables the automatic generation of QSAR models for the prediction of any molecular property of interest, with a minimal intervention of the user.

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2021-2023 | Moldrug

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Identifying new anti-cancer drugs by computational multi-target approaches targeting the G-quadruplex DNA.

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2021 | Moldrug

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Implementation of essential elements for a simpler remote working in the company MOLDRUG AI SYSTEMS S.L.

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2019 | Moldrug

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Funding, conferred by the Instituto Valenciano de Economía y Competitividad (IVACE), for the preparation, development and preparation of proposals for the Horizon 2020 program.

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2020 | Moldrug

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With the help of these funds and the support the Programa Xpande Digit@l, the company has started an Internationalization Plan in 2020, with the purpose of improving its competitive positioning abroad.

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